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Work From Home with Skleia!

by Wiktor Świątkowski on August 18, 2020

World is changing and working from home become new reality for many of us. 

It might be not easy especially when you got not much space and no accesories needed. And here comes Skleia!

What we do best is to help you stay healthy while working from home. We love ergonomics and we design all our office accesories according to it rules. 

🦵 1. Legs

Right angle at the knees.

If the legs do not touch the ground, use a footrest.

🪑 2. Back

Keep your back straight, comfortably based on the support of the chair or armchair.

Head is pulling the spine up.

Ideally, when we also have the opportunity to rest the head on the headrest.

💪 3. Hands, arms and elbows

The arms hang loosely!

To let us have shoulders loosely, the desk should be quite low. To do this, we raise the armchair higher. It is perfect when the top of our table with keyboard is placed between the navel and thighs.

Elbows loose! We have elbows bent in a right angle or in a slightly obtuse angle.

Elbows can be gently resting on armrests. Armrests should be at the height of the countertop.

Hands extended loosely forward.

🖥️ 4. Monitor

The top of the monitor is slightly below the top of the head.

Monitor slightly tilted back.

The monitor should be kept a minimum distance from us at a distance of the outstretched hand with straight fingers.

☺️ 5. Head

From time to time head should be pulling up the spine.

Head slightly tilted down (that's why we tilt the screen backwards).


Here are some products, which will help you to make Work From Home much better:

Bookshelf - to keep your documents with propper way!